A Disaster Plan by J73WA

UPDATED 2018 07 17

J73WA, Wayne, an operator whom we all know to be very much in to being prepared for just about anything out there has yet again rendered a great service to us fellow operators. Wayne has put together a very comprehensive Disaster Plan for Amateur Operators. He saw Family and Community plans are all over but nothing specific to the Amateur Radio community. He started off using the CDEMA family plan and expanded on it with all the relevant stuff for Amateur Radio Ops, put it all together in a nice format that is easy to follow and understand.
The File can be found under Net Control/Amateur Radio Disaster plan, also under the Net Control/Files page or just following this link:

 Amateur Radio Disaster Plan

Thank you Wayne, the effort is appreciated.

As an addition to the above mentioned file Wayne [J73WA] has also created a Saphir Simpson Scale reference file.
It will help us understand the level of preparation we must make based on the severity of the storm

the file can be downloaded right here: Saphir Simpson Scale


73 Admin

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