Use online version below or download it to your pc from this link: CEWN Net control preamble (right click and choose save link as)

Pre Amble:

Good Morning / Good Evening,  Welcome to the Morning / Evening session of the Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net for Day / Month / Date / Year.
I am Net Control Station {Your Call-Sign} located, {your QTH and Country location} and my name is {operator’s name-spell phonetically}
The Net meets twice daily on this frequency of 3.815 MHz Lower Side Band at 6:30 a.m / 6:30 p.m local time in the Eastern Caribbean, or 1030 / 2230 hours UTC.
The purpose of this net is to handle all forms of Amateur Radio traffic.
The net will call for Emergency or Priority traffic at its Start; and any stations that may be holding Emergency or Priority traffic, are invited to break-in at any time.
Official weather reports will be presented five minutes after the net commences {@1035 / 2235 hours UTC}, and this will be followed by any personal weather observations.


Call each line item twice, and ask once if there are any relays

Net Start and Roll Call:

Now inviting stations holding “Emergency or Priority” traffic x 2
Inviting Maritime Mobiles, Aeronautical Mobiles, Mobile Stations x 2
Inviting stations operating on ‘Low Power’, those operating under ‘difficult circumstances’ x 2
Inviting stations on ‘Short Time’ unable to stay for the duration of this Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net { x 2 or until no further response}
Inviting check-ins from the region as per country list. [Kindly identify as the “Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net”, as you call each country and its dependents. Also please remember to identify with your call-sign every few minutes of the net’s operation]
After completion of the roll-call; invite stations from ANYWHERE in the island chain to check-in.
Read your list of check-ins (give totals) for the benefit of the assembly, do any weather report recap as needed and then take “Late Check-ins / Any  other traffic.
Remind opeators of the next scheduled NET session / Net Control Station or Country assigned. Note the time and close the net.


Roll call is from North to South in the Morning, and from South to North in the Afternoon Please read the Country List as appropiate

Inviting check-ins on the South American mainland
– Surinam _PZ
– Republic of Guyana _8R
– Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela _YV/YY
– Columbia_HK
Inviting checkins on the ABC islands_P4
– Aruba
– Bonaire
– Curacao
Inviting check-ins on Trinidad and Tobago_9Y/9Z

Inviting check-ins on Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique_J3
Inviting check-ins on Saint Vincent and The Grenadines_J8
Inviting check-ins on Barbados_8P
Inviting check-ins on Saint Lucia_J6
Inviting check-ins on Martinique_FM
Inviting check-ins on Dominica_J7
Inviting check-ins on Guadeloupe_FG
Inviting check-ins on Monserrat_VP2M
Inviting check-ins on Antigua / Barbuda_V2
Inviting check-ins on Saint Kitts / Nevis_V4
Inviting check-ins on Sint Maarten_PJ / Saint Martin_FS
– Sint Barthelemy_FS
– Saba_FS
– Saint Eustatius_FS
Inviting check-ins on Anguilla_VP2E
Inviting check-ins on the British Virgin Islands_VP2V
– Tortola
– Virgin Gorda
– Anegada
– Jost van Dyke
Inviting check-ins on United States Virgin Islands_KP2
– Saint Thomas
– Saint Croix
– Saint John
Inviting check-ins on Puerto Rico_KP3/KP4

Inviting check-ins on North and West of Puerto Rico
-Dominican Republic_HI
-Cayman Islands_ZF
-Turks and Caicos_VP5
Our preferred Logging is NetLogger Please download it from To follow the net once installed, open Select Net and choose the Caribbean Emergency and Weather net. For our net controls a full write up is found under the Net Control listing.
Users: 1 Bot
Current Visitors
  • Coordinated Universal Time
  • Caribbean Time
Net Control Roster

Trinidad & Tobago

1030z: 9Y4HW Harry
2230z: 9Z4DT John
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

1030z: Open
2230z: Open

1030z: Open
2230z: 8P6BE Henderson
Saint Lucia

1030z: J69B Barnard
2230z: KP2Z Tony

Saint Lucia

2230z: J69X Stephen
Saint Lucia

1030z: J69B Barnard
2230z: Open

CEWN is always looking for net control stations. please use the contact form under the Net Control menu item to apply. In times of emergency this is a very important position. It might just be the only way to communicate right after a disaster.