NetLogger for CEWN setup


Download NetLogger from
Install NetLogger with all default settings
Do NOT launch NetLogger
Download the CEWN NetLogger configuration
Install the CEWN file
Run NetLogger

Once in the program do the following:

  1. Go to “Function” and choose “Change Operator”
  2. In the dialog box change information to match yours.
  3. If you do not need qrz lookup skip to step 6
  4. For lookup go to “Setup” and choose “Accounts”
  5. On that dialog box enter your info and enable it
  6. Got to “Setup” and choose “Club Nets”
  7. On that dialog put a tick mark next to CEWN, click “Ok”
  8. Go to “Function” and chose “Download Latest Club Profile”
  9. It will ask to overwrite please choose YES
  10. You now have a correctly installed NetLogger with the CEWN info included




  1. Open NetLogger
  2. Click on “CREATE NET”
  3. Use the drop down “Net Name” choose “Caribbean Emergency and Weather”
  4. Enter password: Password of your choice, use something you will remember.
  5. Enter same password to verify
  6. Enter your call in Net Control and click ok
    (If when you click ok and it pops up box “Create Net Failed” Click ok, then go to “Select Net” choose the net form that list and click on “monitor” at bottom left. If you want to do your own logging, open the AIM Window and see who is there and ask to have logging passed to you.)
  7. You now have a live net for logging.
  8. Go to “Function” and choose “Download Latest Club Profile” It will ask to overwrite choose “YES”
  9. Click on “AIM WINDOW” It will open the AIM window and it is easiest to adjust the main window and aim window to be side by side.
  10. At the bottom of the AIM window you can type and send messages. On creation of net send the following four lines in the AIM window:
    2. NET TIME: 10:30 & 22:30 DAILY
    3. FREQUENCY 3.815 MHZ LSB
  11. Return to the main window, in the “Check-ins” section Just below the blue buttons, In row #1 Enter your call sign and press enter.
  12. Right click on your call, on the menu that pops up hover the mouse over “Net Official Status” and then choose “Set Net Control Status”
  13. The line with your call will turn purple indicating you are NC.
  14. Now go to File and choose “Save Check-ins As”  it will open a dialog to save the info to a file, please save it to a directory that you can find back easily. Maybe a folder on your desktop. Click Save.
  15. Click on “View Monitors” this will allow you to see who is also on the same net via NetLogger.
  16. If you are NC but another station would do the logging then it is easier when they create the net and you use “Select Net” to monitor.
  17. At this point you are ready to call your net to order and start logging.
  18. In general you will have many check-ins that are in the profile already and as such will be populated already as soon as you press enter after entering their call
  19. However if it does not, please enter the check-in ‘s name and press enter or click on the next row
  20. At the end of net and all the logging, you must click on “Close Net” it will ask for confirmation that you are closing the net, click “yes”
  21. Go to File and Click on Save Check-ins (It will save to the same file you choose or created in step 10)
  22. Now the file you just saved in a folder you can find back easily, you need to attach it to an email and email it to ,this is so we can add them to the archive on our own website for reference. (you can right click the file and choose “send to” then  “email recipient”)
  23. You can now close NetLogger and have a deserved cup of coffee


The above list may seem daunting but it truly is not. I just have tried to give you a comprehensive description of the process. Please follow it, if you find and easier way, share it.  I have errors in the process feel free to let me know via email ( ).
Also a Net Control can have a secondary station do the logging/saving and emailing of the log on their behalf.
For added assistance if needed any of the NC’s can call on Wayne (j73wa) or Frans (j69ds)

The setup of NetLogger was created by Frans J69DS with asssitance of Wayne J73wa, we had as testers of our configs Lin J69CU and Kumar J85K.

Thank you and have fun,


Our preferred Logging is NetLogger Please download it from To follow the net once installed, open Select Net and choose the Caribbean Emergency and Weather net. For our net controls a full write up is found under the Net Control listing.
Users: 1 Bot
Current Visitors
  • Coordinated Universal Time
  • Caribbean Time
Net Control Roster

Trinidad & Tobago

1030z: 9Y4HW Harry
2230z: 9Z4DT John
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

1030z: Open
2230z: Open

1030z: Open
2230z: 8P6BE Henderson
Saint Lucia

1030z: J69B Barnard
2230z: KP2Z Tony

Saint Lucia

2230z: J69X Stephen
Saint Lucia

1030z: J69B Barnard
2230z: Open

CEWN is always looking for net control stations. please use the contact form under the Net Control menu item to apply. In times of emergency this is a very important position. It might just be the only way to communicate right after a disaster.