EchoLink one Way

The echolink [J62DX] system has been put in a listen only mode at this time. At this time the Operators are not accepting incoming Health and Welfare traffic. As is indicated on the front page please send those requests to . As soon as they can handle the incoming traffic, the operators on Dominica will indicate this to the CEWN.

Bear patience please.


Welfare Traffic to Dominica

At this time Dominica is dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane, and at this time the Operators are unable to deal with Health and Welfare traffic.
At this time we have an email where you can send you H &W traffic to it will be held and as soon as the operators can handle it will be forwarded and replies collected.

The email to send you Health and Welfare Traffic and requests to is:
In the email please indicate clearly:
Your Name and location (country city)
Whom you are inquiring of (full name)
Location / Community The person(s) are at
An email and /or phone number to reach you at for the return info


HF and UHF links into Dominica


Currently J69DS has his server for remote hams on listening to the CEWN on 3.815 and later qsy to 7.188 MHz
also echolink (look for the J62DX node) is  on the UHF Repeater  in Dominica. Do NOT transmit unless you have valid traffic for  Dominica.

Please keep the EmComm frequencies CLEAR.  Only transmit of you have valid traffic for the net!

For remote hams install the client to connect to the j69ds remote to listen only. 
TX can be granted to the relevant authorities if needed.

Post Irma Anguilla Update from EOC

Banks are open ncba. 9-12,
Scotia 830-1139 & 1st Caribbean 9-12.

Government office. Customs, immigration and road bay port open for relief purposes.

Parliament meets for 2pm
Key agendas a bill for hurricane relief or customs exemption.

Airport small for small crafts and relief planes.

Vist from Dr. Harris prime minister of skb and others
Boric Johnson br. Foreign secetary.
Pleaded commitment for full support of Anguilla for ports schools, airport and electricity

Release supplies Continue coming in via red cross.
800 people or 200 families 4 per family.
Day 1 started about 1200 person.

Government bldg has began clean up and reopening soon.

Clean up in neighborhood so relief can be placed into neighborhood.
And they can offer more control to the villages.

Radio AXA 0600- 1800

Irma frequencies in the Caribbean

The Aruba Amateur Radio Club has a few hams doing Emcomm and H&W  traffic on Sint Maarten

The frequencies used are 7.191 MHz Lsb and 14.290 MHz Usb (20m as a backup) The call is PJ7/P43R

The Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net is on 7.188 Lsb from  12:00 UTC till 22:30 UTC with Operators on standby all day.
Some of the NC’s on are J69BB J85K J35X and many others assisting in the effort

The net has regular contact now with
Vp2EIH on Anguilla,
Vp2VFK on Tortola,
FS4WBS on Saint Martin,
possible contact to Saint Maarten via PJ7/P43R or via P43L

The IRLP/EchoLink service between Anguilla (AARC), Antigua (ARC), Saint Lucia (J6 Portbale), Aruba (AARC) has been up, also back on is Sint Maarten via the Aruba Club effort and presence.
This network gives vhf comms across all the nodes.



The Dominica Amateur Radio Club inc. is starting a HF net on 40 meters.
This net will be run every Sunday at 12:30 UTC or 08:30 Local time on 7.210 MHz Lsb.


Net Frequencies

The Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net is currently running extended sessions.

During the day the net will be on 7.188 MHz Lsb.

In the evening and night it will be on 3.815 MHz Lsb


CEWN in Extended mode [Irma]

The Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net [CEWN] is in extended session.
the net was activated on its usual frequency of 3.185 MHz Lsb from 22:30 UTC. The net will continue to run throughout the night and tomorrow.
The CEWN is active on 3.815 MHz and 7.162 MHz both on lsb.

The Net control for the official net session this evening was J85K Kumar on SVG.
Net Control Stations as scheduled:


From Till NC Call Name Country
7:00 8:00 J69X Stephen St Lucia
8:00 10:00 J85K Kumar St Vincent
10:00 11:00 J69BB Rosemond St Lucia
11:00 12:00 8P6BE Hendy Barbados
00:00 01:00 J69X Stephen St Lucia
01:00 04:00 J69AK Matthew St Lucia
04:00 05:00 9Z4DT John Trinidad
05:00 06:00 J69CU Lin St Lucia
06:00 08:00 J35X Derek Grenada



Our preferred Logging is NetLogger Please download it from To follow the net once installed, open Select Net and choose the Caribbean Emergency and Weather net. For our net controls a full write up is found under the Net Control listing.



Users: 2 Bots

Current Visitors

  • Coordinated Universal Time
  • Caribbean Time

Net Control Roster

Trinidad & Tobago

1030z: 9Y4HW Harry
2230z: 9Z4DT John
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

1030z: Open
2230z: Open

1030z: Open
2230z: 8P6BE Henderson
Saint Lucia

1030z: J69B Barnard
2230z: KP2Z Tony

Saint Lucia

2230z: J69X Stephen
Saint Lucia

1030z: J69B Barnard
2230z: Open

CEWN is always looking for net control stations. please use the contact form under the Net Control menu item to apply. In times of emergency this is a very important position. It might just be the only way to communicate right after a disaster.