UWI Earthquake @ 14.08N 60.01W

UWI, SRC – Automatic Earthquake Location
2017-06-12 02:15 am (Local Time)
2017-06-12 06:15 (UTC)
Latitude: 14.08N
Longitude: 60.01W
Depth: 10 km
107 km E of Castries, Saint Lucia
116 km NW of Bridgetown, Barbados
132 km SE of Fort-de-France, Martinique
If you felt this earthquake, please tell us (http://uwiseismic.com/EarthquakeFeedback.aspx)
DISCLAIMER: this event has NOT been reviewed by an analyst. It was automatically located by a seismological computational system, therefore, it is a PRELIMINARY result and this may vary when new additional data are processed.
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RRL on SVG Successful exercise report

The report below as penned by J88CD Donald and also the Evaluation of the Victor Echo Exercise are in pdf format here:
Operation Victor Echo REPORT 
Operation Victor Echo Evaluation June 2017

Operation Victor Echo – 2017

Radio operators in the St. Vincent and the Grenadines and contiguous states were involved with an emergency communications simulation staged on Saturday, June 03.  The scenario involved an evacuation due to an imminent eruption, hence ‘Operation Victor Echo’, V. E. standing for Volcanic Emergency.

The scenario operated ‘on the premise that the national emergency management structure collapsed at the beginning of a national emergency.  There was also a loss of domestic telecommunications forcing the use of emergency communications provided by radio amateurs’.

The field exercise was conducted from amateur stations located at Paget Farm, Fancy, Layou, Georgetown and Calliaqua.  Assistance came from radio amateurs in Tobago, Grenada, Trinidad and St. Lucia.

The scenario unfolded ‘involved the evacuation of entire communities from the base of our active volcano on both Windward and Leeward sides of the island, with radio amateurs coordinating the placement of evacuees to shelters in the Southern third of the island (Green zone) including the Grenadines.

Murphy was at work during this scenario and as the first wave of evacuees was leaving Fancy, a massive rock slide blocked access into and out of the village.  This new situation compounded by an imminent eruption required villagers to be Continue reading

Rainbow Relay League Operation VE

As reported by J88CD Donald:

‘OPERATION  Victor Echo’

Date           :        June 03, 2017  from 05:00 Hrs to 19:00Hrs (local)
Scenario    :        “Imminent volcanic eruption involving the      evacuation of several threatened communities.”
Objectives:         To test a redundant communications and response system.
Venue        :         St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Operating  Frequencies:

  1. HF     3.800 Mhz  – 3.840 Mhz
                                          7.100 Mhz – 7.200 Mhz
  2. VHF   Repeater 2     and    147.000 Mhz simplex
  3. UHF  430.100 Mhz Simplex

Full plan for Operation Victor Echo and supporting documents are here:
Announcement … Operation Victor Echo
OPERATION Victor Echo 2017

For Further information please contact Donald directly, either on 3.815 Lsb on the CEWN or on the SVG repeaters ( http://cewn.org/information/repeaters/ )


!! Nemo Saint Lucia invites hams to a meeting

NEMO Saint Lucia invites J6 Amateur Radio Operators to a meeting June the first at NEMO headquarters in Bizet at 9 AM.
The purpose of this meeting is to establish the readiness of the Amateur Radio Operators on the island of Saint Lucia
If you are attending pse call NEMO by Tuesday 4pm to indicate your attendance.


UPDATE: the meeting has been rescheduled to the 13th of June at 9 Am.

Report on TS Matthew by CEWN

The report as relates to CEWN and Net Controls Checkins etc can be found here:

Keep Haiti, Jamaica Dominican Republic in mind Matthew is a category 4 hurricane going over Haiti at this time.

Listen to 14.325 Usb Hurricane Watch Net or also on 7.268 Lsb
CEWN on 3.815 and if extended possibly on 7.162 Lsb
Cuba on 7.110 7.220 3.720 3.740 Lsb.

Listen first, then only respond when called, or if general check ins are asked for.
Regards, 73!

Re Jamaica and Emcomms.

I advise that 6Y5WW_William (+1-876-303-6523) of the Jamaica Amateur Radio Association, (JARA) in his capacity as a member of the Technical Committee, has confirmed the following:

1) Hurricane Watch Net 14.325 / 7.268 MHz is already operational. They have their own specific protocols and procedures, and require no additional assistance.

2) JARA has agreed the use of the CEWN 3.815 / 7.162 MHz frequencies to handle emergency traffic. The net will convene at 2230 UTC, this evening and then go into extended mode.

3) The Jamaica National frequency of 7.150 will be used for non-emergency traffic on island.

Please share as necessary.

CEWN Net Admin

Packet BBS and APRS

There is a packet BBS on air on Saint Lucia again, with a number of stations active in Martinique on APRS also
The BBS J62DX-3 and its Node J62DX-4 and the Chat server J62DX-2 are on 144.390 Mhz. Also running is an Aprs Igate and a RMS Gate

The BBS system is run and maintained by J69DS Frans. The service is run on a RaspberryPi with a Tnc-Pi to an Icom 2100 at 5 watts. the antenna is a 1 wave over a 1.4 wave vertical.
Dominica already has a node ready to be installed at the repeater site (Morne Anglais). In Martinique we already have two Digis up and an Igate up and running.
In Trinidad there are many stations on APRS and Igate with Nodes and BBs
A good place to look is on aprs.fi

We would like to see a node on each island at least it would allow an across the region network. in normal times it is just fun to experiment. But in an emergency packet is an error free method of passing information.
To get on packet can be a s simple as running agwpe (Agw Packet Engine) and going via the sound card to the radio, and using the Agw terminal to access the network. Even a ‘real’ tnc is not that expensive as back in the days, a Tnc-X is one of the easy to get tnc’s.

Hope to see you on the packet network.


Frans J69DS J62DX J62YOTA

heads up

Quite a bit of info has been restored to this website. however any articles relating to the net’s past that you might have or be aware of, do not hesitate to send me the links or info. I will gladly add them into the sites info. Any other pertinent amateur radio / weather related info you think needs adding feel free to send it to me at j69ds at hotmail dot com.

Thank you kindly,

Frans J69DS – J62YOTA – j64SLI


Our preferred Logging is NetLogger Please download it from http://www.netlogger.org To follow the net once installed, open Select Net and choose the Caribbean Emergency and Weather net. For our net controls a full write up is found under the Net Control listing.



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Current Visitors

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Net Control Roster

Trinidad & Tobago

1030z: 9Y4HW Harry
2230z: 9Z4DT John
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

1030z: Open
2230z: Open

1030z: Open
2230z: 8P6BE Henderson
Saint Lucia

1030z: J69B Barnard
2230z: KP2Z Tony

Saint Lucia

2230z: J69X Stephen
Saint Lucia

1030z: J69B Barnard
2230z: Open

CEWN is always looking for net control stations. please use the contact form under the Net Control menu item to apply. In times of emergency this is a very important position. It might just be the only way to communicate right after a disaster.