Orignal Post on 3rd November 2010 at CEWN Report

By: Derek Steele J39BS from Island of Grenada

J39CR / John and I activated the extended session of the Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net (CEWN) at approximately 5.45 A.M. on Saturday 30 th October after not hearing any activities taking place on the net frequency and bearing in mind that TOMAS was about to affect the region.

The entire session from 5.45 A.M. until 3.00 P.M. was handled by J39CR / John and myself who took turns as NET CONTROLLER in one and two hour sessions. After that time, further help was had from 9Y4J / Jeff – 3.00 to 4.00 PM – J39JX / Floyd – 6.00 to 7.30 PM – J39JQ /Cletus – 7.30 to 9.15 P.M – and 8P6JB / Ron – 9.15 to 10.00 PM in that order. I returned for 1 hour from 10.00 to 11.00 PM. At 11.00 P.M. I went QRT.

The net started on 3.815 Mhz in the morning and shifted to 7.162 Mhz at 9.00 AM due to propagation and stayed there until 5.00 PM at which time, the net shifted back to 3.815 Mhz.

J73WA joined the net at approximately 10.00 AM and was very instrumental in bringing the advisories from the National Hurricane Center and sending reports back to them with the information gathered from operators in the affected areas.

During the above mentioned period, the net controllers were in contact with stations in Barbados, St.Lucia and St.Vincent and received damage and weather reports from them. The latest advisories from the National Hurricane center were passed along by the NET CONTROLLERS as they became available which was appreciated as some folks in the affected areas no longer had commercial power and were unable to access the internet, or get the information by other means. J73WA passed along his observations of the images as seen on French Doppler radar at regular intervals.

As the net progressed, and from the reports received, a pattern of destruction started to emerge in Barbados, St.Lucia and St. Vincent. These reports detailed high winds, rough seas and heavy rains which caused damage to the infrastructure of these islands, namely loss of commercial power, loss of telephone/cellphone service, utility lines down, trees uprooted, flooding, impassible roads and loss of house rooves.

Reports received as follows :-

From 8PGQ ( Barbados Fishing vessel – Capt Ali ) at approximately 9.00 AM Three fishing vessels were caught out in the storm, 100 miles to the south of Barbados, huddled close together and attempting to get to shore. Capt Ali reported that conditions were very rough and asked that we pass a message to his boss saying they were OK for now and trying to get home. He were subsequently contacted on an HF Marine channel by his boss.

From 8P6BN / Ron at approximately 10.30 AM Heavy Gusts – lots of debris – trees down – house roves lost – transmitting on standby power(generator)

From J88NEB / Percy at approximately 10.45 AM Heavy gusts – House roves blown off – National radio advised that there was no power to North East St.Vincent and airport was closed – transmitting on battery power

From KI4CIP/MM / Edward aboard yacht PRISM anchored in sheltered bay (Mangroves) in Martinique approximately 11.30 AM Gusty winds – Heavy rain – Barometer 1007 Mb

The following reports were between 12.00 P.M. and 6.00 P.M. and are in chronological order.

8P6BN / Ron — Seas rough – sand on some roads – trees down – Rooves blown off flooding

8P6ER Recorded a maximum wind gust of 147.5 KM

J88DT / Sylvester in Bequia Intermittent showers – Gusty winds

J69B / Bernard Raining – Gusting – power lines down – Vieux Airport flooded – some house roves blown off

J88EA / Ronald No power – house roves blown off – mango/coconut trees down – in his words “ Tomas kicking up a storm”

J88NEB / Percy Very very strong winds – trees down

J88DT / Sylvester On battery power – no internet – rough conditions

J69C / Clem No commercial power – strong winds – Dennery hospital and school lost their rooves – flooding –power lines down – trees down

J88CU / Shaun Trees down, Rooves off

J69DS / Frans No commercial power – Nonstop rain – trees down – power/phone lines down – flooding – roves off

J69CG / Edward No access to Vieux Fort Roads blocked by downed trees and debris – Hewanorra airport flooded -2 individuals transported to hospital

Here is a list of operators who checked into the net at various times –

From the affected area

St.Lucia — J69C / Clem – J69DS / Frans – J69CG / Edward – J69AN / Dudley – J69KZ / Lionel – J69B / Bernard St. Vincent — J88DH / Walter – J88DL / Helen – J88NFU / Geoffrey – J85I / Robert – J88NEB / Percy – J88CF / Kumar – J88DT / Sylvester – J88EA / Ronald J88CU / Shaun – J88CD / Donald Barbados — 8P6BD – 8P6BN / Ron – 8P6ER – 8P6BE / Hendy – 8P6AZ / Pat – 8P6GY / Basil – 8P9GE / Gordon – 8P6JB / Ron – 8P9HA – 8P6EB

Other checkins

Grenada — J39CR / John – J39GP / Martin – J39CP / Dennis – J39LK / Kimani – J39KK / Margaret – J39JQ / Cletus – J39HA / Dexter – J39JZ / Leslie J39JT / Peter – J39JN / Coughlan – J39BK / Allan – J39JX / Floyd J37P / Randy – J39BS / Derek

Trinidad & Tobago – 9Y4J / Jeff – 9Z4DT / John – 9Y4PJ / Peter – 9Y4NED / Noel 9Y4MYA / Ali – 9Y4IQZ / Danley – 9Z4KDS / Khrisnan 9Z4BGS / Gary – 9Z4AM – 9Y4NG / Arnold – 9Z4CP / Eric

Others KB1NDX/MM – VP2MNI / Frankie – V44KBP / Terry – J73CI / Clem – V44KF – KI4CIP/MM / Edward aboard yacht PRISM J73WA / Wayne

(Tnx to Jeff Austin, 9Y4J Emergency Coordinator Area E of IARU Region 2).

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